Don’t Lose Sight

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The deadline is fastly approaching but we convince ourselves that we have a little more time. Our favorite television show, surfing the internet, listening to the radio are all great pastimes but they can also serve as distractions.

Distractions can seem innocent enough but if we make procrastination a habit, distractions can be anxiety producing.

Do you remember the parable of Peter walking on water? (See Matt 14: 22-23) Jesus commanded Peter to walk out on the water. Peter’s journey began well but the distractions came. The wind blew and Peter became afraid. His distractions caused him to lose faith in the journey.

Even as I worked on this writing piece I started and stopped because life started to get in the way. I focused on the message. I felt convicted and asked God to help me complete the tasks that I had been given. It is easy to get sidetracked; starting several projects but not necessarily working any to completion. What good is that? If God has given you the vision, He will give you the provision to see it through.

What has God commanded you to do but distractions have interfered? I challenge you to focus and begin again on your mission. Don’t lose sight. God has given you a task that will affect countless others. What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present!




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