Don’t Sell Yourself Short

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“Sex sells.” This explanation comes up often when discussing provocative lyrics and suggestive photos. Demeaning and deplorable are feelings often reported by women who have found themselves in compromising positions. Lately in the news, celebrities have been lauded for their bravery in sexuality issues. Young impressionable minds are left perplexed about choices that may impact the rest of their lives.

Sex is all around you. There will be many who question their sexuality. Your confidence in who you are and Whose you are may inspire others to want to know your Savior.The decision to wait until marriage to have sex is an honorable one. Surround yourself with others who are supportive of your goals and encourage you to be your best self. Honor yourself and your body (1 Corinthians 6:18-20; 7:2). Don’t sell yourself short. You are precious in His sight. The basis is sex should be between a husband and a wife. When this plan isn’t followed, there are several consequences.

If you are having questions enter your mind about your sexuality, talk to someone. I encourage you to talk to a counselor, a pastor, or a friend. We all understand that it is difficult coming into adulthood and that you are bombarded with life altering issues. Pray that God will order your steps and help you with discernment. Everything won’t be perfect in life but the difficult times are better handled with those who love and genuinely care for you. Lift your head, pick up your shoulders, and know that God can be your strength if Jesus is your Lord and Savior. (Psalms 18:1-2)

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