You are NOT Alone in Domestic Violence

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From harsh words spoken, glaring looks of disgust, the beating of a fist on the table when speaking, being told wait until I get you alone and wait until I get you home – are a sample of common words heard by a person in a domestic violence situation.

When domestic violence happened to me I was first scared, second ashamed, third alone and fourth lost, not knowing who to contact or what to do about what had just happened. He told me it was my fault that this happened to me. He followed that with the truly “I am sorry” sounding apology, that it would never happen again. But it did, and it was worse than before.

The answer is in the book – The Holy Bible. Proverbs 10:6 states “Blessings are on the head of the righteous, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.” When we first hear those rude comments those are the signals that there are problems underneath the surface. We brush them aside and justify them. The first push, hit, or threat, are the signs and clues that we should leave. However, we stay in a relationship thinking we can help but we cannot fix another person especially one who does not believe they need help.

So, as you sit, do not remain for the 5 years as I did, in fact, do not stay for another 5 seconds. Seek God, go to a church, find safety, go to family. You are too beautiful a person to be in a violent situation. Tell God, leave and do not go back. Alone and alive is better than beaten to death in spirit and body.

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