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It is Christmas Eve and some people are still frantically searching in the stores for more stuff.    Do you find that you are drawn to a huge stack of gifts under the Christmas tree?  Do you feel that you have had a good Christmas only if you get multiple gifts or if you get the expensive most current gift around?  How do you feel if someone asks you what you got for Christmas and you do not have a long list of gifts to rattle off?

Unfortunately, many times we focus on the quality and quantity of the gifts and not the gift giver.  We do not value the time people spend searching for the gifts and the money spent, instead we are upset if we do not get the gifts we feel we deserve.   The Bible poses this question: Where is your heart? Matthew 6:21 says:  ”For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Your heart is in the right place when you are concerned about others this Christmas.  Do you take time to say “thank you” to people for all they have done for you this year?  Are you looking for opportunities to give of your time and talents to others?

The Bible also talks about not storing up treasures that can be stolen or that rot.  The things we get from people will at some point no longer be valuable or useful, but if we put are time and energy into our relationships with others then we will have something that can last a lifetime.

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