The Wait: Book Review

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Are ready to slay the insidious beast of temptation? If you are ready to:

  • go deeper in your relationship with Jesus,
  • get what you really want in life, and 
  • become the person you truly want to be

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin take you on a countercultural journey on cleaning up your out-of-control sex life. While they are no theological giants, they are spiritual warriors who have made the journey for themselves and have come out winners.

The Wait actually addresses multiple facets of life that call for discipline and hard work. Good and Franklin explicate the war between instant gratification and delayed gratification, buck wild and celibacy, chocolate cake and celery sticks (with peanut butter). The Wait shows you how to reset your body’s control panel and take charge of your desires, be it for sex, food or power. Make no mistake, all relationship roads in The Wait lead to marriage, no pit stops, no hook ups, no shacking. Promiscuous sex is the big-deal problem that Good and Franklin tackle with their spiritual fists up. They share how the journey includes moral, personal and spiritual goals despite what our culture may say.

I kept waiting for some heretical Hollywood fluff to show up, but these two deliver some pretty solid encouragement on how to tame temptation. Like every advice book, you have to pick from the tree of wisdom. However, you’ll probably leave with more in your basket than what you leave on the tree.

Let’s keep them in our prayers.

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