Where is Your Heart?

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Have you ever gone through a season where you were barely making ends meet? Maybe you were living paycheck to paycheck or having to borrow from someone just to put gas in the car for the next morning. I’ve had those seasons.

And then I’ve come out of those seasons too. Either I had a job change or I started earning more at my current job and finally, bills weren’t as hard to pay. Sometimes I’ve even had a little room in my bank account to have some fun.

In those more abundant seasons, I’ve been reminded of Psalm 62:10b –“…if riches increase, set not your heart on them.” This passage refers to money, but riches can be more than just money. We can be rich in family, friends, possessions or status. When we have more of anything, it’s easy to start depending on that wealth. We get comfortable and start to curl our fingers tightly around all the things that make us feel secure.

This Scripture passage gives me a gut check. Riches are temporary. Temporary things were never meant to bring lasting security. If my heart is in the temporary, I’ll always be deeply crushed or anxious when my account runs low again, or if things happen outside my control like robbery or a fire. Things get destroyed and status and people disappear. It’s easy to tell what has our hearts if we think about how we would feel if those things were destroyed. Have your riches increased? Don’t set your heart on them. 

Alternative Resource:  Lauren Daigle –“First”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbWQV3OiRqA

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