Show me the money!

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I watched a sitcom recently about an actor turned school teacher. His agent had been approached about a high dollar new movie deal but the actor didn’t like the script so he said no. Seeing dollar signs, the agent proceeds with crazy antics to fool the actor into believing he had been swindled out of his money so the actor would take the role and the agent would get paid. As the show progressed, the actor’s friends became worried about their lifestyle, which of course was based on the actor’s money. How could they possibly live on a teacher’s salary compared to the actor’s millions? Ultimately, the actor found out about the trick and everyone’s worry was over.

How many of us are like the agent? Even though this was a sitcom designed to make us laugh, how many times does money control us? Are we friends with certain people because of the things they can get us? Are we attracted to certain men because of their income or income potential? Better yet, do you ignore a good man because you don’t think he will be able to provide the “right” lifestyle for you? Do you choose a job or career mainly based on the salary and place a lower weight on the actual job duties itself?

Instead of focusing on money, 1 Timothy 6:6-10 says that we should be content, content with food and clothing. Budget and prepare your own meals. We don’t always need name brand clothing. We can wear less expensive clothes, if that is all we can afford. It also warns us that the love of money can cause us to wander and do things we shouldn’t.

So examine your motives today. Are you being controlled by money?


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