Christmas Gifts!

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“Look at what I got for Christmas!  My boo sure knows how to treat me well!  What about you?  What did you get?”  “Well…” I respond thinking that my gift pales in comparison to my friend’s gift.  But I know that a lot of thought went into my gift and he spent what he had.  I truly appreciate what he did, but I know everyone else won’t understand.

I have to catch myself at Christmas as sometimes I focus only on what I didn’t get.  I sit and listen to my friends recount their Christmas gift stories and compare their expensive gifts from their boyfriends or husbands with what mine got me. You see, my husband isn’t always the best gift giver, but I appreciate what he gives. 

 Don’t get me wrong, if your boyfriend asks to take a break from the relationship during the holidays so he doesn’t have to buy anything, that’s different. You may have to rethink that relationship. But if you regularly go out and he pays and he treats you well, but can’t afford to give you the lavish gifts that your friends are getting, don’t knock him down for what he does do. Be grateful. 

Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but a time to celebrate the greatest Gift Giver. Refocus your attention on what God has done for you. There are so many things He does daily that are overlooked. He provides basic needs for you. He provides a beautiful sunrise or sunset for you to enjoy. More importantly, Christmas is a time to remember the gift God has given us, Jesus.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


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