How To Go From Work To Freedom

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I remember thinking jobs were like prison cells. Why do athletes get to play for a living, and I have to work? But I have discovered that if I was willing to take some risks, my God-given talents could bring me to a place where my passions could stage a prison break.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Luke 12:34).

I used to spend every Saturday morning on a tennis court. I played league tennis. My preference was doubles and my partner was Carol. We played so good together and we would win. She wanted to start playing tournaments. So did I. But God said no.

I’m not sure why God said not, but my ability to follow God when my heart wanted something else proved to be a huge development in my character. If trusting God came at the cost of my desires, was I brave enough to take the risk?

Hidden in the treasure of following God was freedom. My heart ached to play tennis, but my life thrived in response to obedience to God. God had taught me the ability to make decisions following His unlimited insight instead of my limited understanding of life.

Consequently, as I evaluate my career, money, position, and prestige don’t boss me around. Now, I get to pick my projects, travel fun places, and use my God-given talents in ways that inspire me and others. Why don’t you let God stage your prison break.

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