Grace Found And Questions Answered

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It doesn’t take much for discouragement to set in when you already don’t feel like you fit in. Too young for one group, and too old for another. It’s a dangerous place, because you’re vulnerable to anyone who will accept you. You want to be a part of something — a  club, a group. Your only choices are church activities. There were so many rules, and restrictions. On Sundays after church, your best and only activity was the comics from the newspaper or watching the grass grow. Fun, right? Nope. For me, I managed but not without having a thousand questions, only to be answered with some verse or Scripture that didn’t really meet or match my curiosity, my understanding, and led to more questions.

Eventually I was old enough to join the choir or be an usher. There was always Sunday school, and this became my favorite activity in the church. The responses to the burning questions I had were still not satisfying me. They were contradictory and pulled out of context to increase the guilt of doing things “because I said so.” There was no grace. Why did God have so many rules? I was still searching for answers in Christian books and on Christian radio. I wanted to know if I was saved.

When a class was offered, a man described the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ and accepting Him as the way across the gap that divides us from a holy God. My life changed. I accepted the bridge that Christ made for me with His birth, death, and resurrection.

Since then, many of my questions have been answered. I have fallen in love more and more with God’s Word and His promises. I can trust Him for eternal life, not because somebody said so, but “because God said so” in His word.

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