Find Fulfillment In Purpose For Your Life

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How satisfying do you find your job? Is it a dread to prepare and report to work, or do you anxiously look forward to getting started for the day? If dread is your position, ask yourself why.

Growing up you may have had a few career choices to the big question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” In time, you pursued at least one of them, but upon actually working in that career field you failed to experience the expected satisfaction. Could it be possible that the path you took was not the purpose God created you for?

Basically, a career could be just a job to earn a living for you and your family, but a calling is God-ordained to fulfill His purpose for your life. Sometimes when we settle for a career instead of pursuing our calling, we may suffer from a feeling of unfulfillment. Of course, a calling may not be as monetarily fulfilling as the job you want so that you can make lots of money, but it will produce a deep settled peace. 

As a young person, I mapped out my life. I wanted to be a teacher or a journalist. Later, I got a job as a secretary in the federal government. I thought I was set, but God had a different plan for me. I became the mother of eight, a domestic engineer (a homemaker). I learned a lot about children during those years. This paved the way for me to be hired (years later) to work effectively at a Christian school.

Now, being home during the pandemic, I have been able to write. So, in God’s appointed time, He has allowed me to be both a teacher and writer. I have felt much fulfillment in doing each. I feel that my earlier plans were me trying to create my path. But in my later years I feel like I am following the path God has for me. In fulfilling God’s calling, you can expect Him to provide for you. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first [God’s] kingdom and [God’s] righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” “All these things” means all the things we worry about like food, clothing and shelter. So, strive to fulfill the calling of God and watch how He transforms your dread to peace.

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