Are You Spending More Time Doing Something You Hate?

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Did you know, according to Gallup State of the American Workplace, that over 60% of people hate their job? This means sixty percent of people choose to spend more time doing something they hate then something they love. Sixteen percent of those undermine the people who actually enjoy their jobs. They utter the words on a Sunday night with disdain, “I have to work tomorrow.”

What if you could spend more time doing something you love?

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are God’s handiwork created to do good works that God prepared for us in advance to do. This means that everyone has been given a set of gifts and talents they were born to live out. Each human being has tendencies they gravitate towards whether outgoing, shy, using their hands or their minds, working with people or alone, being a visionary or an implementer. Each person has inclinations that add value to themselves and life. These natural tendencies are difficult for us to identify because they come naturally to us, but when someone else points out our talent it reaffirms what we have been created to do.

How do natural tendencies flesh out in your work life? Let’s say that you are a people person who enjoys meeting new people. You can walk into a room of strangers and walk out with a new friend. You think this is just how everyone else is until you meet someone who has a hard time making friends. This is a gift! If you use this gift in a career, you most likely enjoy collaboration, networking, or a group project. No matter what your personality type, you can find the right job fit for you. A relationship with Jesus helps you discover your giftings and purpose. 

Three questions to ponder with a close friend as you are job hunting:

  1. What are my top three needs in a job? (flexibility, team, location, pay, benefits, leadership, etc.)
  2. What are the talents/skills that I can bring to a job? (write out your ideal job description)
  3. Does this job description and environment match what I want to do or am I taking the job because it is the only option?

The more you can find a job that lines up with what you like to do the more likely you are to stay in it. Think about question two above in writing out your own job description. Once you complete that task, try to find a job that will line up most or with all of the items listed. This will hopefully put you in the 40% of people who say, “I can’t wait to get to work.”

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