Inspirational Woman of God versus Inspirational Woman of the World

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Your culture deems a woman inspirational if she has marketability. Does she make money for her investors? Do people listen to her and purchase the products she endorses? She must continually reinvent herself so that she comes up with a new angle to make her stand out so people will follow her words even if they are shallow or ungodly. She does not want to offend the world because she wants likes, followers, and friends. She may want to inspire others to follow her for their good, but ultimately, it’s for hers.

Conversely, a God-inspired inspirational woman is not seeking to reinvent her message because God’s word does not change (Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6). People seek her guidance because it is based on the Word of God. The woman God says is inspirational has her foundation in God.

Her lifestyle reflects the words of God. She inspires you to wait for God to send your mate; not for you to start the hunt to find a man. Her walk with Jesus encourages you to skip playing house or sleeping around to try the product before marriage (1 Corinthians 6: 9-10). She provides you with the scriptures to show and explain the way. What she says may offend you for your good because the most important Person she “likes, follows or friends” is God.

A cultural inspirational woman will fade from popularity, but the God-inspired woman remains grounded in who God has called her to be. She inspires other women to follow God, not her, so that they too may one day be chosen by God to inspire others as they live according to His purpose for their lives.

Which woman are you?

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