Be Happy, Don’t Worry

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Think back. When problems disrupted your world, how did you react? Did you boldly face them, or did you worry? If you worried, you added more stress. Starting now, how can you overcome the worrying, not dismissing problem solving, or concern, but worry?

Every individual born on earth experiences trouble. The most positive option we have to manage worry is to increase our faith in the One who created us – God.

Though nobody wants problems, sometimes they can help develop our character, transforming us into the masterpiece God created us to be. Or we can allow them to be stumbling blocks if we react to them with fear and distrust. Problems can reveal to us God’s wisdom to navigate life and give us the ability to overcome situations. Each triumph should increase our faith in God to be able to endure future issues.

This is about the making of beautiful stones, like diamonds. The carbon atoms from which they are formed undergo severe high temperatures and pressures to become what they are. Likewise, hardships and life’s pressures can help make us grow stronger in character. Problems produce patience which produces experiences and experiences give us hope (Romans 5:3-4). Hope helps us maneuver through the problems we face.

I am saying you do not need to stress out over your problems because God has given us a remedy. God gave us His son, Jesus Christ, to deliver us from life’s biggest disasters, eternal death. When we put our faith in Jesus to pay for our sin, we have eternal life. You may say, “Why so spiritual?” The answer is if you put your faith in a human being, you may reap disappointment, but not so with God. God is faithful.

Remember, no one is trouble free, but you can be worry free. Be happy – don’t worry! Trust in God and walk on through life.

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