Are You Stressed? Am I Stressed? We’re All Stressed

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“Hey, are you making the neighborhood meeting tonight? We’re voting on a new Block Captain. I put your name in because you can get those kids to stop the motor bike riding past 11pm, right? Oh, how’s your dad? Have a blessed day!” 

This is what my neighbor barked at me as he passed me one morning. What does he know about a blessed day? Did he have to wake up early to get his father out of bed, help him into the bathroom, assist in morning routines,setting him in his favorite chair, dash to the kitchen for meds and quick oats before making it to work on time? Does he constantly worry about losing his job? What kind of blessed day is that! Work, chores, shopping lists, medication refills, personal care supplies… it just doesn’t stop. When was I supposed to tell him I couldn’t make the meeting? Did he want to hear the answer to his question about dad? Guess not.

Even on days when life might be slower and I could sleep longer or wonder how much I can get done in the day, I start to stress.“What’s the sense in worrying? Did I pray? Leave stuff up to God. That’s what “don’t be anxious means.”  Dad’s radio is on. I crept into his room and sat quietly on the side of the bed to hear the rest of the sermon. Dad said, “Thank you for everything you do. I’m sorry, I’m so much trouble.” I stopped still before leaving the room, turned to him and said, “No, thank you dad. It’s no problem. I just need to thank God more often.”

We live a blessed life when we give thanks for what we have and not stress about what’s next. When we belong to God, the unexplainable peace that He gives us will control the way we think and feel (Philippians 4:6-7). 

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