Friday! R u coming to the party?

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You decide to give a party. You invite all of your friends, plan the affair, hire a DJ, and buy a new outfit. Day of the party comes, no one shows up. Your “friends” begin to call with all kinds of excuses. You’re devastated! How dare they! What about your plans, all the time you spent! Who will eat the food? Who will see your new outfit? Who will dance to the music?

Jesus is hosting a party too and you are invited. He has lots of food and music. There is dancing and singing, and everyone is having a great time. Will you come, or do you have excuses? It’s not the right time. I’m having too much fun. Being a Christian is so boring. My friends won’t like me anymore. Do these excuses sound familiar?

Jesus is waiting patiently for you. He offers life, hope, love and peace. See what He has planned for your life. His plans are far greater than your plans. His confidence in your abilities is beyond your comprehension.

There is a party going on, will you come?
Luke 14:15b “How fortunate is the one who gets to eat dinner in God’s kingdom!”

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