Do u want 2 fall in love?

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With all the bad news about broken relationships, there must be something to falling in love that makes us keep trying. Imagine…

One day a man comes along who says the right things and truly means them. He calls when he says he will call. He comes when he says he will come. When he can’t make it, he even calls, not texts, but calls to let you know why. And you believe him because he has proven himself to be trustworthy. Sure, the first couple of times your heart beat fast when you had to risk trusting his word but each time he came through like a champ and you relaxed more and more.

He likes you like no other guy has—with his actions. He cares about your feelings and your comfort. He goes out of his way to impress you and he melts your heart. You fall under his spell and he does not disappoint you. Even when you fuss, he talks through the matter until it’s resolved. Now that’s amazing!

Falling in love is a wonderful experience. It is a feeling unmatched by any other. In Genesis 2:18 when God said, “It is not good for man to be alone,” He created an enduring mutual attraction between the sexes. God is the author of love. We often hear of God’s sacrificial love through the death of Jesus for our sin, but God also gave us romantic and erotic love to enjoy responsibly. Now isn’t God good!

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