Tell Him Why You’re Mad

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I struggle with communicating my emotions. Once you put yourself out there people can reject you, ignore you or respond accordingly. Of course if every experience is a pleasant one we’d all be super transparent and able communicators.

Unfortunately, our experiences are not always positive, so we hide. We hide behind pouts, silence and anger. Is it that we fear rejection more than we desire the possibility of genuine intimacy? Suppose we think our boyfriend is lingering too long in a conversation with an attractive member of the opposite sex.  While we don’t always confess our jealousy to them, they know that we are mad by the way we act. (poor guy) But sharing our emotions places us in a vulnerable position. We question if we can trust this person to take care of our innermost being if we expose ourselves.

Why can’t we just tell the man why we’re mad and risk him sharing some of his innermost being also. For some reason putting words to our emotions helps us clarify the source of the conflict, even the conflict within. Other than that, are we really developing a genuine relationship?

It’s the same with God. God may have made you mad about something and now instead of facing your emotions, you give Him the silent treatment. Just tell Him why you’re mad. He can take it. A genuine relationship requires transparency.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24

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