Whispers of Sweet Nothings

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Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, expresses the thoughts of a double-minded man as he attempts to please a double-minded audience. Flashback…In the opening account of mankind the scene opens where God has given man a set of directives that are for his own protection. Satan comes along and convinces them that God is holding back, keeping them from having fun and suggests an alternative route than the one God set forth. There are such whispers in Steve Harvey’s book.

In the “Mama’s Boy” and “Why Men Cheat” chapters he vacillates between telling women we have the power to command respect suggesting we can change a man’s behavior. He finally admits, however, that only a man can regulate his own behavior. What frustrates me about Harvey is that he refuses to say to us that the men we attract or repel depend on the women we are.  Sure he suggests that we set rules for which we expect these men to abide by but what rules? Who makes these rules? Surely we can’t expect to create rules that capture the heart of a man to produce the effect we desire?

Our standards are not an effort to shape men but an effort to identify the men they really are. Ladies, this issue is not just about a man. This is about knowing how to set standards based on truth, not according to the latest comedian gone philosopher but on lasting principles that can protect us.

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