The Beauty of Temptation by Irrayna Pittman

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With his enticing words he caused her to yield
He seduced her with his smooth talk…
‘till an arrow struck her heart.
Like a bird flying into a net,
she did not know it would cost her life.
(Proverbs 7:21-23, the Message, NKJV, NIV)

So what’s so bad about something that feels so good? What makes a temptation a temptation is the final fate of its partaker. Typically on the other side of a temptation awaits a negative consequence. But the struggle with a temptation is the beautiful illusion that decorates the gateway that disguises what lies further down the path.

God’s Word explains the consequences that lie on the other side of many decisions that we make, good and bad. Unfortunately, “NOT knowing the law is NO excuse for disobeying it.” We still suffer the consequences. Like gravity, moral laws need not give forewarning.
However, while consequences may not be within your control, your decisions are a product of your worldview. For instance, if pleasing God is not essential to you, you may continually end up like the bird caught in the net because you cannot recognize the voice of the enticer. But if your desire is to please God and you are open to His guidance, you could hear Him warning you against what lies on the other side of a temptation. If you understand that the consequence will ultimately outweigh the temporary good feeling, the temptation may not seem so attractive.

Guess what the beauty of it all is? If you want God’s guidance then He is always available to you through a relationship with His son Jesus Christ.

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