Qualities of a Real Man

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Mary, a young virgin woman, was engaged to be married to Joseph. However, by means of the Holy Spirit, Mary became pregnant. When she told her fiancée, Joseph, his first thought was to end the engagement quietly. But, after an angel appeared to him and reassured him that this was God’s doing, he chose to stay, problems, criticism and all.

As you look for your “Joseph”, let’s look a little closer at some of his qualities. First, he cared enough to quietly end the engagement. He did not want to make a big scene, embarrass Mary, or put all of her business in the street. Then the angels spoke to him and he was open to hear from God and follow His commands. Matthew 1:24 says: “When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife.” It wasn’t going to be easy. Soon everyone would know Mary was pregnant and no one would understand that she was carrying God’s son, but Joseph stayed by her side, did not have sex with her until after Jesus’ birth, and raised Jesus as his own child.

You should be looking for a Godly man. God fearing men are not perfect, but willing to withstand in times of trials. Your problems may be different, you may not be pregnant by another man, but still your man should be willing to stand by you, support you, listen to what God has for his family, be willing to follow it and lead the family. There is a Joseph out there for you if you patiently wait for God to lead him to you.

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