These Hands were Not Made for Violence

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There is a children’s book that emphasizes the importance of getting along with others. It highlights the positive ways that hands can be used and stresses the fact that hands are absolutely not for hitting.

This important lesson is not only good for children but for all ages. It is mere human nature that people will not get along 100 percent of the time. Disagreements are sure to ensue in all relationships: work, familial, and personal.

The important factor in disagreements is how they are handled. When anger consumes an individual in an argument or disagreement, a hot head usually leads to them being destructive, to things or to others.

One hit often leads to two, which often leads to countless hits and unending promises for the unwarranted behavior to stop. Abuse does not equate to love. Physical, verbal, and sexual abuse is never warranted.

First, know that God loves you, then love yourself. I Corinthians 13: 4-13 gives a good example of true love. You may notice the first verse of the scripture states that love suffers long. This may be misunderstood. It does not mean that you are to remain in abusive relationship.

Domestic violence impacts those in the relationship, children, and other family members. It is a lose-lose situation. Nobody wins. Shelters across the country are maximized to capacity. If you ever have an opportunity, volunteer at a shelter or have a discussion with families impacted by domestic violence.

You may be surprised by the knowledge that you walk away with. If you find yourself in a controlling or abusive relationship, please seek help. Don’t become isolated from your friends and family. Reach out, speak up, and recognize that hands are not for hitting.

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