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The census numbers show that a million more African American women have earned four-year degrees than African American men. Hurry and check your “man must-have” list to see if you have a four-year degree on it. Unless you are already married you may be among the million more that have or is earning a degree. Does the difference in education bother you? Should it?

Examine your list to see what desires you have will really determine the success of your relationship. I know of women who have height requirements. For some the color of his skin determines the level of her attraction. Do you like them dark-skinned or light skinned? But are the same things that draw them, the same things that will keep them. There is one vital element that God says is essential in a relationship–spiritual compatibility.

A solid relationship starts when each partner has a relationship with Christ. Then God says in 2 Corinthians 6:14, “Do not be partners with those who reject God.”

The reason it is so important that both partners have a relationship with Christ is because when life goes haywire and each partner wants to do what makes them feel best, God calls them to look out for the needs of the other. Without that allegiance to God, there is no one else to govern the internal me. Men or women who want to please God inherently address the needs of their mate.If you want God working to make your relationship successful, get to know Him.

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