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A recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology claims that single people die younger. How is that for, “It is not good for man to be alone?” (Genesis 2:18) God designed men and women to serve as companions for one another. The desire we have to couple is not something created in us by Disney fairy tales; it’s the other way around.

Funny, we Americans struggle to maintain our independence only to face the inevitable. The nature of our design dictates that we can never really be independent. Our struggle can take us to the outer limits of our humanity and then beyond, supposedly earlier than necessary.

What is so wrong with admitting we are dependent? Dependence can conjure up negative visions of weak people. Children, the elderly or disabled qualify as dependents according to the IRS. We view dependent people as burdensome and incomplete. However, the vulnerability to allow someone into your life and codependence dwell on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Codependence in a romantic relationship looks like a constant compromise. We compromise our needs until we disappear under our need for the other person’s life giving approval of us. On the other hand, dependence in a health relationship consists of two spiritually, emotionally and mentally whole people whose needs are equally valued.

God’s design for us to couple doesn’t mean for us to hook up with somebody any kind of way. The Designer has a design in mind. Do you know the Designer?


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