Divine Design by Julia Bolden

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Google Conrad Gesner and you will find that he gave the earliest known description of a pencil.

Today’s pencil consists of a thin stick of graphite (known as “pencil lead”) usually encased in soft wood and often topped with a rubber eraser. Specifically designed, the pencil is used to write or draw on paper-like material; the eraser to remove pencil mark mistakes. Though the pencil may scratch an itch or open a letter, this expressed usefulness pales to its intended purpose.

Likewise, when God created the man and woman, He had an intended purpose in mind… balance…compatibility…procreation. Though we may choose to approach relationships from a different angle, such demonstrations of love and affection fail to meet the greatest potential of the Creator.

For women, same sex relationships often spawn from low self-esteem or the result of hearts severely broken by fraudulent male interactions. You must believe that in the midst of hardship or heartache, there is a great plan for your life. Depending on yourself without looking to God during such times may result in a twisted mindset.

The Bible says that God created us to honor Him. Yet, within each of us lies the freedom of choice. True freedom requires restraint. Living outside of this divine design defeats the Creator’s purpose and places true freedom at risk.

God pays for each slave’s freedom; no one who runs to him loses out. Psalm 34:22

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