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Love relationships pose a difficult dilemma. As we search for THE ANSWER or a FORMULA, we forget that each relationship is unique. Like fingerprints, personalities, and life paths, relationships consist of their own special nuisances that outsiders cannot experience.

Sure there are basic elements that govern all relationships like those set forth by God. For instance, it will always be the best decision to wait until marriage to have sex. And it will always be the best decision to have a man who is willing to take the leadership role in marriage by being a sacrificial leader. Who wouldn’t follow a man who would die for her? But other things, like at what age to get married and what pestering habit to tolerate, are unique to each couple. Decisions like these require guidance that only God can give.

Many of our relationships fail because we are listening to the wrong voices. Sure human voices seem easier to hear because people are tangible, and some do offer good advice, but all voices are not equal. That is why we continue to try different solutions, but we end up in the same spot. Yes, it may be a little harder and a lot more work to hear God’s voice but His answers are good as gold.

Do yourself a favor. First, invest the time and the effort in the most important love relationship you’ll ever have, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Then you’ll have the advice of the ultimate relationship guru.

To be wise you must first have reverence for the Lord. If you know the Holy One, you have understanding. Proverbs 9:10 (GNT)

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