Out With the Old, In With the New by Wanda W. Fulton

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What I love about the beginning of a new year is that it gives you the opportunity to look at your past, evaluate it and move forward. It’s a chance to review the circumstances and decisions that were made, both good and bad, followed by an objective to try things differently to get better results. The New Year will also bring great possibilities, with the belief that this year will be different than the previous years. No more hasty decisions caused by peer pressure or a lack of careful decision-making. But be more aware that every action will result in either a positive or negative consequence.

I often hear people say that life does not come with an instruction manual. They ask, “How are we supposed to get it right when we have no direction?” They believe that they live by luck or chance and that they have to figure it all out on their own through trial and error.

The truth of the matter is we don’t have to live this life on our own. Not only do we have an instruction manual, The Holy Bible, which has many answers to questions in this life. We also have a helper and guide, the Holy Spirit. So, if you want to start the year off right and are seeking a better outcome, please consider reading and applying daily the principles in the manual that God has provided for us and building a relationship with Jesus Christ. In it you will find everything you need to lead a full, vibrant, successful and abundant life.

Psalm 32:8 New Living Translation (NLT)
The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

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