He’s the One!?

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“Girl, you are glowing!  What’s going on?” my friend asks grinning ear to ear.

“I found my man!  He is the one for me.”

“How do you know he’s the one?”

Is he dark skinned or light skinned, just the way you like your men? Or is he an athlete, doctor, lawyer, or pursuing some other potential high paying career?  Appearance and job skills are important factors in determining “the one,” but I wonder, is that all that matters in a boyfriend and one day a husband? 

So if the above list is not comprehensive, then what else should you look for?  Yes, you need to have a physical attraction to the person you are dating and ultimately marry.  And your family income will determine your lifestyle in the future.  But is money everything?  Shouldn’t his character be high on your list?  What about your common activities and interests, goals and especially your religious beliefs? As dating is typically the means to evaluate someone before marriage, you need to invest time to really get to know your boyfriend before making a lifetime commitment. 

I know early in a relationship you won’t have all the answers.  That’s why dating should take enough time to get to know your boyfriend and answer some of these questions.  I also encourage you to let God guide you to your perfect match.  Do you know that God loves you and therefore will help you to determine the best person for you, if you include Him?  Over the next few weeks we will take a look at finding the right man for you.

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